Original Poetry

Earth Quake


I feel the earth crumble beneath my trembling feet.

The landslide has begun

My head begins to spin.

Glass shatters and animals cry.

I must be flying ‘cause I can’t feel the ground.

I watch a volcano erupt flaming red magma.

I’m getting dizzy

I begin to fall.

I slam to the ground, hitting a glass object along the way.

It’s a greenhouse, or at least it was.

I feel paralyzed.

My own blood drips from above.

The once clear glass is now a watery red.

My breath is getting shorter, harder to release.

My eyes close as blood begins to sprout from the corners of my mouth.

I am dead, that I know.

I can see my lifeless body lying limp under the stars of hell.

My clothes catch fire, I am gone.

A white powdery dust now floats in my place.



© Amanda Lutzac


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