Hours 1-13

So far, this #readathon has been a bust. I’ve started a new book (I’ll Be Alone In The Dark – Michelle McNamara) & debated on starting another (insert TBR here lol). I’ve read some of Cress (Marissa Meyer) & procrastinated. I’ve taken snack breaks and now I’ve even attempted to take a nap. That as well was a flop.

Now I’ve gotta decide what to read next. Here’s what I’m wrestling with:

For the next few mins, I will be getting supper ready. Super easy tonight, pizza. All I gotta do is work the oven and stuff. Done! Oven on & baking sheet ready for frozen pizza! Mission 1/2 accomplished lol! 🤪🍷😈.

Now for a cold beverage 🍷 and I’m all set. I just enlisted hubby’s help 😈🤪 & had him choose my next read! The winner is (insert drum roll here)…Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare! Woot! Woot! For whatever 🙄 reason, I have been waiting to read this one since it came out. I may have even pre-ordered it (which I almost never do) & then forgot about it.

I hope everyone is enjoying a carefree day of reading and relaxing. Filled with beautiful and enchanting stories! Off to start my book!


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