Journey Home to NB

As planned, & as expected, we left my parents house in Northern Ontario to start our trip to Montreal about 30 minutes over schedule.  But we were armed with water, snacks and of course, LIFE BLOOD lol, coffee!

I tried napping & reading but neither held my attention.  So I ended up staring out the windows of the car & closing my eyes.  We stopped for supper somewhere around 4:30pm EST in Pembroke ON.  I tried to pay and was beat out by my dad.  Somehow I’ll make it up to him 😈  Dad drove the entire trip down and shortly after we entered the concrete jungle that is Montreal QC, after a wrong turn, no parking and a whole lot of curse words, English & French I believe lol, we finally found the Grey Hound bus depot.

My dad and my uncle waited with me while I got my tickets exchanged (long story), took a bathroom and smoke break.  Once they were sure I knew where I was going they headed out on the long trip back home for them.  I however, was only done the first leg of the journey home to Kev & Rosie.  I still had 17 hours ahead of me.

The bus trip was LONG & crowded.  It was an overall exhausting trip.  It’s boring alone because I’m not the type to strike random conversation with a total stranger.  If there’s common ground then I will sometimes initiate a conversation, but I always feel dumb doing it.  I was almost in New Brunswick when I spoke to my dad.  They had a good trip back and had just arrived when his phone rang.  It was 2:30am EST.

After another bunch of hours, which seemed endless, I arrived in Moncton NB.  I was the first person off the bus & had my luggage out before anyone else lol, no joke! My hubby, Kevin, was there to welcome me home & he brought fresh LIFE BLOOD!!  God I love that man!πŸ’•

We went to the liquor store & grocery store before making it home from the bus station lol. They happen to be across the street from each other 🀣.  Next, we brought my luggage home, put groceries away and opened some windows before heading to my in-laws to get Rosie 😻 and her belongings lol!  

Overall, the trip was long and boring because I couldn’t stay focused on my book.   So I did a lot of staring out the windows and chatting with my new seat mate & her little therapy dog Johnny Cash (J.C.) until they got out in Fredericton NB.  After that I had my own seat and kept to myself.  I got myself as presentable as one can be after spending 16 hours crammed into a bus seat beside some random person.  I tried to nap for the last 2 hours, but to no avail 😑

So I slept extremely little, read a little, played games on my cell &, let’s not forget, viewed the beautiful country side of Northern NB from the giant windows of the coach bus. 

I am eternally greatful for my family for being the best support network this girl could ever ask for.  Thanks for your hospitality Mom & Dad!  Thanks to my MΓ¨re for spending time with me during the days & all my friends and family for having coffee & shooting the suit with me.  I’ve come home with a full soul & an overflowing sense of love, admiration & respect for all of you. 

Much Love!! β€οΈπŸ’‹πŸ’•πŸ˜˜


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