Departure – Trip Home

So, I was all set to take the bus all the way back home. Turns out, instead of 23 1/2 hrs it was gonna be a 36hr bus ride. I’ll admit, I freaked a little at first but eventually got over it and convinced my dad I’d be fine, even with 2 lay overs (both 6hrs long) nothing but 3 hrs apart. I set up a mini Readathon and everything.

Then yesterday (hrs before departure), my dad, uncle and Mere decided they really didn’t like the lay overs. They’ve decided to drive me to Montreal so I can miss the lay overs and have a shorter bus ride. I was reluctant at first, but eventually gave in under the condition that they could get me there 1 1/2 hrs before the bus leaves. That way I have time to ship my box of books, have a smoke and then wait in a hopefully shorter line up.

So that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I (as a 32 yr old woman) ends up in a car with 2 other adults, a box of books, a purse, 2 suit cases, 1 lunch bag & a whack load of junk food end up in my Mere’s car on the way to Montreal. We have a few stops to make before departure, but hopefully short ones.

We are 2 hrs 15 mins from leaving and I’m all packed and ready to go with only 10 minutes warning. I’m all set for the trip. I got books, movies & music all set to be used. If anyone wants to join me, I’m starting a 24in48 Readathon starting at 12 noon EST today. Wish me luck & I’ll see you on the flip side!


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