Vaca Day 22 – Update

So I’ve been in Ontario (Canada) @ my parents house for 22 days.  I’ve visited good friends and re-connected with my little (30yr old) brother.  It’s been soul healing at its best. 

I am learning to appreciate the little things again.  The smells of home and the feels of familiarity & serenity.  I am exceedingly thankful to both my parents for putting up with me.

I am trying to improve myself both mentally & emotionally.  I’ve barely been reading so, I’ll have to make up for it on the 23 & 1/2 hrs bus ride back home.  But I’ve had great conversations & lots of laughs along the way.  

I hope to work more on taking better care of myself by taking regular baths to relax & by starting to read my bible everyday. I also wanna pick up my bullet journal up from where I left it off.  Then I wanna try & get into walking at least a few blocks a day.  Here’s to a good week!