Hour 8 Update

So, I’m trucking along at a good pace, I think! I’ve Finished 2 partial books & listened to some audio book too! 

Haven’t participated in #readathon games yet but I’ll be checking them out shortly!  Had some food & some coffee and am so ready to keep going!  


Dewey’s Pre-start Post

7 minutes to start here and I’m psyched!  Got my coffee and banana waiting for me and all!  I’ve got 3 physical books this time a slew of eBooks on my Kobo cause it’s still full lol!  

Got my seat all picked out and I’m ready to go.  I’m gonna start with an 89% complete Kobo book called Alex by Sawyer Bennett.  This is so I finish it and that in turn will motivate me further! 

Good luck all & have fun #Readathon