Dewey’s Summary

I made it through the entire #Readathon this time! I didn’t even have to take a nap either!  Here’s how I did overall:

Alex by Sawyer Bennett

Spider Bones by Kathy Reichs
Listened to:

Still Foolin’ ‘Em by Billy Crystal (80% ish)
Completely Read:

Dirty by Kylie Scott (275 pages)

Seal Code by Sharon Hamilton (17%)
Overall I’m pretty impressed with myself this time around.  Can’t wait for the next readathon in October!!!  How did you fare? Better or worse than you expected/planned?


Hour 21

Here in my living room listening to the audiobook “Still Goolin’ Em” by Billy Crystal.  I’ve done really good today overall.  I started off by finishing up 2 books, one of which I’d been on for a while.

I didn’t nap, but I did lay down and close my eyes while listening to my audio book between 2:30am & 4:30am.  Now it’s an hour later and I think I’m gonna switch back to my new book, which I’ve got just over 50% read today.

Rosie decided to couch crash with me while I read the last stretch.  It’s getting light out & I am proud of myself for sticking it out longer than I did in October.  Maybe the extra cup of coffee at 12:30am helped lol! 

Stay strong everyone!  The end draws near!

Hour 8 Update

So, I’m trucking along at a good pace, I think! I’ve Finished 2 partial books & listened to some audio book too! 

Haven’t participated in #readathon games yet but I’ll be checking them out shortly!  Had some food & some coffee and am so ready to keep going!  

Dewey’s Pre-start Post

7 minutes to start here and I’m psyched!  Got my coffee and banana waiting for me and all!  I’ve got 3 physical books this time a slew of eBooks on my Kobo cause it’s still full lol!  

Got my seat all picked out and I’m ready to go.  I’m gonna start with an 89% complete Kobo book called Alex by Sawyer Bennett.  This is so I finish it and that in turn will motivate me further! 

Good luck all & have fun #Readathon

April 10th!

The beautiful weather is here!  The flip flops came out of hiding today and damn did it ever feel good!  Lots of exciting things happening on my end this month and it’s already started.  There’s no time to slack around here lol.

To start things off, there are Dewy’s 24 Hour Readathon (#readathon) preps taking place as we speak! Like, right this very minute!!!  Prep #1 was just completed via this past weekend. Prep #2 started today & Prep #3 takes place shortly thereafter.  I’ve also discovered a new Facebook page called:  Shadow Lounge Monthly Readathon.  I am in LOVE!! They do a readathon EVERY month.

So, I am going to do my best to participate in as many as I possibly can this year.  Hopefully that and my regular reading will help me both to complete my Goodreads Challenge and help me read the books I own (which, 95% are on my TBR).

If you haven’t signed up for the #readathon yet then please do!

I will be updating my status both here as well as Goodreads, Facebook, Instagram and possibly Litsy if I think of it.


March 2017

I didn’t get all the planned books read, but I got a few more than what I had planned read! 

I liked all the books, but I had 2 faves. Lick & Play as well as Lead & Deep by Kylie Scott were by far my favourites this month.  I expect great things from her! I plan to read as many as I can!

April is gonna be busy! #Readathon takes place April 29th.  I have also come across a few others so I plan on reading my ass off, so to speak!