Finally (some) Organization!

So after procrastinating through the entire month of February, I got down to business yesterday afternoon.  In our spare room, which, I call the library & Kevin calls the computer room, I took action & organized my 4 (6′ tall) book cases.  Now because I have a problem (admittedly so), I ended up with too many books per case.  This made me very anxious & didn’t help my OCD in the least.

I asked Kev for some help, so he got to work finding, organizing & printing bibliographical info on my main authors. This was a huge help!!

I managed to fit everything “on” the book cases, in 2 boxes & 1 re-useable grocery bag.  I was quite proud of myself.  This morning, while talking to my mom on FaceTime, Kevin kindly pointed out that not only had I missed some books, but I’d missed a whole basket full!!  I quickly got this out of the way and stacked neatly on the shelves.  And just now I found another dozen books!! I’ll find somewhere to put them!

Here are my book cases as of late last night.  Now each shelf has a stack on the front.  I also have this as my TBR (physical) pile. 

I also made my tentative TBR for the Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon coming up in 8 weeks! 

Now I have to get to some reading!


5 thoughts on “Finally (some) Organization!

  1. Good job with the organizing! It always feels like no matter what you do the work is never quite done. Especially so with books that seem to enjoy reproducing (who doesn’t).

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    1. Very true, I made a deal with dad and Kevin that for every three books I give away I am allowed to buy one new book. So far I traded in four and I bought one. I do have more going to the hospital for donation so, those will count as well. I think it’s a good idea. Maybe it will help keep me in check LOL.

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      1. Nice! That’s a great plan. Or you could start a Little Free Library in your building with your super’s permission. Then everyone in your building could benefit from your literary wealth 😀


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