2017 In Books (So Far)

So far 2017 has been good to me as so far as books go.  I’ve been on a roll reading one after another after another! And let me tell you, I’m feeling awesome about it!  It makes me feel super accomplished and leaves hope that maybe I’ll meet my Goodreads Reading Challenge Goal of 75!! 

Ideally, I’d like to fly through that goal and reach 100!  That would be amazing!  So far I’ve read 9 books since January 1st and I’m still full of steam! 

How’s everyone else doing so far this year?  


One thought on “2017 In Books (So Far)

  1. Very nice! I’ve been slacking off a little on the reading front as there has just been so much else for me to do, think about, worry about etc etc that I just haven’t had the mental fortitude to do any reading lol. I think I’ve read maybe 3 books so far this year. I’m sure I’ll get into the swing of things soon enough though.

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