Rosie’s Week 

Rosie continues to climb and get into mischief lol! She was allowed to explore the computer room. She quickly proceeded to clim the comfy chair & go into the bookshelf.

We’ve discovered (the painful way lol) that she has a foot fetish! A friend of mine came over today and helped me out by clipping her front nails. She’s obsessed with food! No matter what we’re eating…she needs to see and smell it. She mooches more than a puppy lol.

We love her to pieces and she is a constant source of amusement and smiles. Even when she’s misbehaving and I have to spray her with the water bottle. She loves her cat tree and climbing on anything she can. Not yet is she allowed to sleep in the bedroom cause the tv could easily be nocked down. 

She also discovered boxes and of course, loves them too! 


2 thoughts on “Rosie’s Week 

  1. Awww she’s looking so happy and active. I’m so happy for you and your little family! There’s nothing like having a little fur baby wanting your attention 😀 ❤

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