Readathon Follow-Up

So the Readathon didn’t go as planned. Slept horrid the night before & had a hard time waking up. I started reading an illustrated novel 

which, didn’t work lol!  I proceeded to crash for a few hrs and then decided to give it another go. Had some snacks & lost steam, again.

I read sporadically for the next couple hrs then decided to give up. I tried to go to sleep and then was wide awake. So, I tried again.

Finally I got my groove! Had some snacks and proceeded to read straight through to 3:30am. I bypassed church and even my Sunday night class. 

Health related reasons caused me to  sleep all day and evening only to wake up at 1:45am. I fell back asleep in the early morning and woke up at 11am the next morning.

All in all, I finished a started book and started 2 others.  That was my Readathon!


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