Readathon HR #19

I regretfully waive the white flag of defeat for this Readathon. 

Even though I was distracted by sleep deprivation, naps and a few other interruptions, I did enjoy it!

In total I finished a book and started 2 others. I think I just overestimate myself and may only have a 3-4 book TBR next time around. Makes it less frustrating for my ego lol.

My favourite part was this last few hrs when I reacquainted myself with one of my all time favourite reads! What did you enjoy most?

Happy Reading to everyone who is bravely continuing on! Hats off to you my fellow book lovers. 


2 thoughts on “Readathon HR #19

  1. Don’t forget to just enjoy the books your read. The point of the readathon isn’t to read as many books as possible (or at least not ONLY that) but to have an entire day dedicated to reading books. So even if you only get to read ONE book if you thoroughly enjoyed that book, that’s all that matters. Don’t turn reading into a chore, do it because you love it 😉

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