Readathon Hour #11

Here’s how my day’s been so far:

Up at 8:15am after 4ish hrs of sleep.  Went to get breakfast, coffee and smokes.   Got back home at 9:05.  Had a smoke, had breakfast & opened coffee and book.

Wasn’t awake enough so I put eye drops in and tried again. When this didn’t work, @lutzy080 & I tried to get more sleep. Phone rang, obviously that plan was kiboshed.

Went to the local Wellness Expo and spent 2 hrs there. Got some good info, but was anxious and didn’t wanna be there at all! Came home and tried to read again. That lasted an hour. @lutzy080 called it. Can’t focus, too tired. We went back to bed for almost 2 hrs (he got up with the alarm, I didn’t). Got up had some supper and a smoke & now trying to make a final attempt.

I can’t believe it’s almost hr 12 & I’ve read maybe 25 pages 😡😢 I’ve had an energy drink so maybe I can do a bit before sleep calls again. 

Happy Reading Everyone!!


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