Rosie’s Week

1st Family Pic
Last week was exciting. Rosie got to go to the vet for her 2/3 booster shot.  They said she did amazing, didn’t feel a thing lol!

She’s becoming more confident in her jumping skills.  She bounces around like a little jack rabbit!  She plays a lot more now, for which we are very glad for.

No more meds for the URI.  That seems to have bitten the dust.  Super happy about that.  She’s still a cuddle bug & doesn’t like to be left alone lol.

This week’s agenda is making the apartment more kitty proof, giving Rosie a bath & clipping her nails 😣😐


One thought on “Rosie’s Week

  1. She doesn’t seem to be interested in using her tree to scratch so I think there’s no other option but to clip. As far as the bath, she’s got matted spots from when she was on antibiotics that I wanna get out. After that, who knows. All I can do is try lok

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