This is Rosie!  She was born on July 13/16 and was found abandoned on July 26/16.  We (, @lutzy080) adopted her from the SPCA on September 23/16.  Tuesdays will now be all about Rosie!  She’s also known as “daddy’s princess”, “grandma’s girl” and “mommy’s baby”.  

My first time meeting mommy & daddy @ the SPCA.
Finally a FOREVER home!!
Snuggles with mommy for the 1st time in my new home.
1st cuddles at home with daddy!
LOVE daddy evening cuddles!
My new cat tree!
Queen of my tree!
A blanket frim grandma to make the little queen more comfy & @ home.
Caught taking a cat nap with daddy…lol
My 1st selfie!!
Chillaxing & watching tv
Tv with mommy
Ooooh mommy has an e-reader!!!! let me see!!!!
Tuesday selfie!!


3 thoughts on “ Rosie 

  1. awwww baby pookums! Rosie was born on my birthday!!!! Obviously I’m her godfather lol. She’s beautiful and I hope she brings you and Kevin much happiness and stress relief 😀 Having a cat is sooooo much fun. Check out our website if you want some fun cat stuff, There’s some fun cat inspired articles and crafts and stuff there too 😉

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