Well, I know I did t post a lot this summer so here’s how it went down lol😉

Kev and I went to Ontario first to spend a few days with his brother and family then we drove more up north to spend the summer with my family.  Everyone was happy to see us and we spent as much time as we could with everyone.  Some very important people didn’t get to see us much and for this I am eternally regretful and sorry for.  Things didn’t exactly go the way I planned (health wise).

The first 3-4 weeks were good for my sleep schedule them BAM!  I spent the next 4-6 weeks not being able to sleep at night.  So in true hermit form, I slept when everyone was off working or whatever and then all night watching tv, reading and listening to music.  It was rough on everyone.  

They wanted me awake during the day and I just couldn’t do it for more than a couple hrs at a time. The remainder of the time I was on sleeping pills (maybe I should call them zombie makers), which was horrid. I’m still on these monsters until at least the 29th of September when I see my psychiatrist.  I take half my dosage (so 25mg) and am almost impossible to wake up. Bon top of that, I’m like a little kid…I need a nap (sometimes multiple) to function.  

Coffee and energy drinks are just something to drink; they don’t actually help me stay awake for more than maybe an hour or so.

Now we are back in New Brunswick and just applied through the SPCA to adopt a kitten as a therapy pet.  We’re so super excited. 


2 thoughts on “Summer

  1. Glad to hear you made it back home safe and sound, sad that I didn’t get to see you and totally understand why I couldn’t. I’m hoping your medications get balanced properly so that your quality of life improves! So happy to hear about you adopting the kitty kitty, I love my fur babies and I’m sure you will love yours.

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