4th Year Wedding Anniversary!!!

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us today!  Kevin & I are going to North Bay (30-35 minutes away) & are gonna go to the beach and take some pictures.  I can’t be out in the sun or heat (bc of my Thorazine) for any length of time so it’ll be interesting and a challenge all at once.  He’s bringing all the cameras and I’m gonna be covered from head to toe in clothes, but at least we get to spend the day together.  Kev’s shaving and whatnot now, lol cause he knows I like him scalped.  This all makes me happy.

As a side not, I’m waiting to hear back from my psychiatrist to let me know what I should be doing about me 2 morning doses of Aderall.  They don’t stimulate me like they should; they seem to be making me tired more than anything.  Hopefully he’ll change me to something new and I can get off the Aderall all together.  But I’ll have to wait and see what he says.  I’ve only been waiting for since Tuesday for him to call me back!!


One thought on “4th Year Wedding Anniversary!!!

  1. Happy Anniversary! I hope you had a great day and spent it thinking about all the awesome things that brought you together and has kept you together all these years. Look forward to talking to you soon 😉

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