Summer Vacation

Since June 19th, hubby & I have been in my home town visiting family & friends.  This is a great opportunity for us to centre ourselves & practice all our coping techniques that we’ve learned while dealing with our mental illnesses. 

So far the trip has been good!  Our anxiety levels have been on high alert at times & our pain levels (for different ailments) have been testing us considerably. 

We had a surprise 80th birthday party/family reunion for my Mere yesterday & all things considered, it went good.  She was very surprised and happy to see everyone. Most came down from the Toronto, Ottawa & farther areas (which range between 4-6 hours away).

Haven’t been found a lot of concentration  for reading. Decreased my ADHD meds thinking they were a problem, but turns out it’s my Thorazine causing severe photosensitive. 

Psychiatrist “forgot” to mention that side effect; which means I can’t be out in the sun at all and if I need to be then I have to be covered from head to toe! It’s a bitch because I love the sun & now even mild heat makes me itch so bad I wish that I could take Brillo pads to my skin.  On one of the first nights (before I knew the cause) I literally thought I had torn my forearm tats up cause I was scratching so hard. 

Anyways, BBQ @ our gf Carole’s house in a few hours.  Low key and chill. Steaks & whatever she makes (she’s an amazing cook)!  Have a great day everyone & sry for ranting your ears off. 😍💋


One thought on “Summer Vacation

  1. Sounds like you’re coping well and I’m glad you figured out what was causing all the itchiness. Chris and I just got back from a day of camping on sat-sun. It was so nice to go after not camping for a few years. We got to go swimming and we both burnt though Chris is much worse than I am (I put sun screen on). Enjoy the rest of your stay 😀


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