Today’s Long Agenda

So today is gonna be a whirlwind! Hubby has some morning apts (starting with a 6:30am wake up time) so I’ll be dropping him off & then waiting around (cause there’s no parking) or…😈 I might visit my favourite bookstore (not to be confused with my Sunday morning dawdle bookstore) lol cause they’re not the same @ all.

If I don’t go visit @crywolfe1717. I’ll see what she has for Linda Lael Miller books, then I’ll be sitting in my car and/or the nearest coffee shop reading a book I’ve been neglecting for a while. 

Patricia Cornwell’s  From Potters Field. I was reading this Scarpetta series in conjunction with Kathy Reichs Temperance Brenan Series a little while back and I think I overdid it on forensic science books.

My brain was starting to feel stupid lol! Both series’ that I highly recommend, just maybe not at the same time lol.  Then after all that’s done, more house cleaning. Not a huge amount left, just the daunting & lengthy tasks 😔 

Those are my plans for the day! Let me know what you have planned!


3 thoughts on “Today’s Long Agenda

  1. Long day here too. Got up a little later than usual due to a lengthy day at Niagara VegFest yesterday and got ready to go out. Visited Lowes and had a pre-gym sub at Subway there then went to the gym for weights and cardio and after finishing that off we drove around a little and visited a couple of stores and just got home. Now having a salad then will be doing dishes and tidying up around and then it’ll be time to go to bed only to do it all over again tomorrow.

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