Bipolar Patient’s Guide to Symptoms and Coping – Amy Browne

This “book” took me about 10-15 or so minutes to “read” & I’m glad it didn’t take me longer. As it was, I was hard-pressed to finish it I just thought it was a total washout. A total waste of time here’s why:

The author is the wife of a BP (bipolar) sufferer.  Although I believe that she could have imparted us with a lot more wisdom, she didn’t. He clearly biased perspective leans towards medication making everything better if you take it and follow her 10 step guide to sleep. 

Although some of what she says rings true with some people, with others medication is not the answer. Alternative therapies, groups, courses and/or counselling is also an option and/or a requirement.

This book very easily could’ve been written by somebody googling BP and some of the superficial therapy approaches.  There lacks a lot of reality in this book and I am sorry I even paid for it to be honest. I would rather invest my money on something more fact based, even if at a higher monetary cost.


2 thoughts on “Bipolar Patient’s Guide to Symptoms and Coping – Amy Browne

  1. It’s sad but too often are medical professionals (and people who don’t know any better apparently) quick to turn to drugs. While medications do have their place that doesn’t mean that they should be the end all of medical care. Did you know that medical doctors spend YEARS studying and learning about meds and contraindications but little to no time in their courses learning about proper diet even though diet is one of the biggest factors that contribute to good or bad health?

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    1. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t know this! It is in fact a very sad state when all doctors are taught is medication and drugs as the healer and something as simple as diet, exercise and sleep can make a huge difference. I just wish I hadn’t have spent the $.99-$1.99 on this book. It was a total waste of time and effort on my part as far as I’m concerned the authors part. She could’ve written about this blog or in one of her “groups”.

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