Going Home

Hubby is coming to get me soon from the crisis centre. I’ll be going home to a cluttered apt that is no ones fault but our own. It’ll be nib to sleep in my own bed beside my man. I’m excited and skeptical all at once. Does that make sense?

Here all I have to do is put my dishes in the dishwasher & clean up after myself. Make up my bed in clean sheets before leaving.
Home…there’s cleaning the living-room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, computer room, bedroom and laundry room. Then I gotta make up the bed fresh and do all my laundry from the shelter along with whatever else needs doing.
Maybe hubby and I can go for coffee before going home?
Hmmm…back to reality it is I guess.


One thought on “Going Home

  1. It’s nice to get away from the reality of our obligations sometimes, even when it’s not exactly a vacation. However, there’s nothing like getting back home into the arms of your loved one and spending a few minute (or more) cuddling in bed together. All those things are manageable if you take them one at a time. Start with one load of laundry while you’re reading and having a tea then load a few dishes while moving around the house (I find putting the dirty dishes directly into the washer instead of on the counter makes it easier cus you can just start it up when full). Take it slow, set yourself up for success not failure, make small goals and achieve them to bolster your belief that you can do it and eventually you’ll see that you have gotten everything done 😀
    Love you,
    Glad you’re heading home to be with Kevin 😉

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