Crisis Center

As many of you know, (from a previous post “More About Me”) I suffer from mental illness. There’s a list there in case you don’t remember lol. 
Recently, I’ve been having a hard time with depression & repetitive suicidal (visions) thoughts when closing my eyes to go to sleep at night. 2 nights ago, I had had enough. I packed my purse, my meds & a few changes of clothes,?I decided to go to the ER to be put on suicide watch. Instead, I spent 4+ hrs (because I got there around 4-4:15am) in the waiting room fighting to stay awake. I’m sure I looked awfully cute at one point. (I had ditched my flip flops for slippers & was wrapped up in a throw blanket I had with me – feet propped on another chair & all 😉). 

At 8:10am I was called in to see the mental health intake nurse. She asked me a bunch of questions and then conferred with the pdoc (psychiatrist) on call. Finally after what seemed like FOREVER (& obviously I know it wasn’t) he suggested the local Crisis Center (the one and the same that I was in earlier this (January) before being admitted to the psych as an in-patient in February until March). 

The pdoc suggested and then wrote a scrip (Rx) for a mood stabilizer & is writing to my pdoc to have my July 20th apt moved to MUCH SOONER! I also have to follow up with my pdoc on Thursday this week when he gets back. So for the next few days (3-5), I’m on my new meds and staying at the Crisis Center. 

The Center is just an unassuming house down a cull de sac road. The workers are friendly & they provide food for breakfast and lunch & then make us a nice supper everyday. 

I am allowed visitors & allowed (during designated times) & also I can go out (for 2 hrs a day). Today (day 2), I have a friend coming to visit (she’s bringing real coffee) with her 3 yr old boy for a bit. So that folks…is what’s new in my life right now. 

What are you up to?


5 thoughts on “Crisis Center

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through a rough time right now. You know that I’m always here in case you need to talk, I only wish we lived a little closer to each other so that we could hang out. I’m glad that you’re going to be getting the care that you need and applaud your strength in not waiting until things got out of hand before seeking help. Love you always!

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    1. Thanks babe! I wish we lived closer too. I asked for help cause I couldn’t deal anymore & didn’t feel safe with myself. I don’t know that there’s reason to applaud though, but thanks. It means a lot xox

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      1. There really is a reason to applaud! It takes a lot of strength to decide that you need the help and even more so to actually do something about it! I’m seriously peeved that the doctors decided that 4 hours was a reasonable amount of time to keep someone waiting in the WAITING ROOM who is having suicidal thoughts but I’m glad that you’re now being taken care of.

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        1. It peeved me off as well, because everybody else in the waiting room seem to be going ahead of me & I didn’t understand it. I guess they were sure enough that it wasn’t going to do anything in the waiting room. Which it wasn’t. I just found that the wait time seem to be longer, so I can only deduce that the “camera rooms” were also full of people. It’s the only possible reason why they kept me on the waiting room because, normally they don’t at least they never have before. Thank you for your kind words my dear friend. I am lucky to have you and so very thankful for both you and Christopher. Just can’t wait for the day when I actually get to meet Christopher, other than over Skype. Maybe we can Skype again once I get home? I think the max that I will be here will be five days (probably won’t even be that long). Would really like to talk to you again. And more often. Sometimes I feel so isolated and it’s nice to talk to an old friend.

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        2. Yeah I really don’t understand it because while you may not have been at the point where you would leave and hurt yourself someone else might have been. You could have left at any point in the four hours you were waiting and hurt yourself. Nothing happened though so I’m thankful. Hopefully it doesn’t happen to someone else 😦 Absolutely we will talk more often! I was actually wondering why we hadn’t talked on skype again since the first time. We’ll definitely chat more often and hopefully at some point over the summer Chris and I might be able to make it down your way (assuming our car doesn’t blow up here >_<)

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