Total approximate time spent reading during the Dewey’s 24hr RaT (10:38:38.79) as opposed to ADHD distracted squirrelling as I call it. I got one romance novel done & 1 audiobook done. Disappointed I didn’t get more reading in, but I did have fun.

I’m looking forward to the next instalment, which if I’m not mistake is in October sometime. I plan to plan at least a month in advance (lock in my TBR) and prep more substantial meals the week before. Overall it was a great success though! Hubby @lutzy080 finished a book (he figures only the 2-3 since high school)! Super proud of him for all his participation!

I think in, October, I’d like to (maybe) be an occasional cheerleader and have more of an online presence in FB, Goodreads, Twitter & here on WordPress. I didn’t do too bad though, considering I jumped I. 2-2 1/2 weeks before the final countdown! All in all good fun was had! Thanks #TeamRaven & @lutzy080 for everything!


3 thoughts on “10:38:38.79

  1. I don’t think I managed to actually read an entire book. I did finish one and start an other though and I also organized and unpacked all of mom’s books which is quite the achievement 😀 maybe next time we can Skype our Readathon together 😉

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