Been re-arranging bookshelves and making a “hard copy” booklist for myself & hubby for the last 2 weeks.  The more I look at everyone’s TBR for the RaT, the more I can’t make up my mind.

You see, I’m not into graphic novels so I don’t really have any.  All my TBR consists of is full length books!  I doubt I’ll even finish even one!  Now I’m just freaking depressing myself! 

May have to switch things around in my TBR again.  Question is, do I change it on Goodreads or just make a new thread?  Any suggestions are welcome!


4 thoughts on “Wavering….

  1. First off, don’t freak out or feel bad. This whole thing is about having fun and enjoying a day of reading. My TBR list for the RaT consists of five full-length novels, one of which is the audiobook version. I may only finish one, or read a few chapters of each. I may even veer off and read a few short novellas that aren’t on my list. Either way it’s about reading, not what you read.

    My sugeston, if you feel like you NEED a TBR list for the RaT, then pick whatever has been on your TBR list the longest and try to get through one, or a little bit of each of them. Whatever you decide, just enjoy yourself!

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    1. Thanks Awesome! I will play it by ear & just read whatever I’m current reading & then whatever strikes my fancy. In all this, I guess I forgot what the bottom line was…FUN!! Now for snacks and whatnot! Thanks!!!


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