Update on Prep

I realized yesterday that I was causing myself a lot of anxiety (as I always seem to) over making a TBR for the RAT on Saturday.  I guess I just wanna impress myself with the volume I chose/read/finish ect…  When in reality, no one really cares, as long as I participate and have fun.  So I’ve come up with a less ominous TBR pile and will post it in another blog post.  I will also use that same post to track my progress on the day of the RAT.

Got my hubby Kevin all signed up and showed him a bunch of links on Goodreads so he knows what he’s up against.  He’s not a big reader, but that doesn’t matter either.  I am proud that he’s gonna participate!!  He’s chosen his books, updated his Goodreads feed in the Dewey 24 Hour RAT group, which he’s also joined 🙂 and now he just needs to relax and go through the feeds to see where he wants to participate.

We are probably gonna sit down and come up with a list of nice and easy meals, snacks and so on for RAT day so we can prep some a couple of days before and then some more on the night before.





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